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Game Stop “Morale is definitely up. Employees have greater confidence that they’re receiving the right information—they’re more engaged, less frustrated, and better able to quickly respond to customer needs”Caso de éxito internacional

Air Canada “I’m seeing a big change in our culture. Teams around the world collaborate with each other. Office 365 allows everybody to talk to everybody”Caso de éxito internacional

British Airways “We’ve found that Yammer facilitates spontaneous conversations among employees—sparking innovative ideas that help us operate more efficiently and improve customer service.”Caso de éxito internacional

Red Robin “Yammer makes it possible for us to act faster on product improvements based on what our guests want. This is competitive advantage" Yammer makes it possible for us to act faster on product improvements based on what our guests want. This is competitive advantage”Caso de éxito internacional

Henkel “We have improved our way of working by using Office 365 to simplify communications and collaboration. And even the time we need to bring a product from the first idea to market can potentially be reduced”Caso de éxito internacional

Louis Vuitton “Office 365…speed(s) up idea sharing—where to find a certain leather, for example, or how to improve on a pattern, or refine the design of a buckle—to deliver better products more quickly. That’s a huge business benefit.”Caso de éxito internacional

Vigia “Sin CRM no teníamos control de cuántas oportunidades se convertían en cierre de operaciones, no había un proceso definido que encaminara al vendedor a seguir ciertos pasos para lograr una venta exitosa ”Caso de éxito nacional

Algar “Having everything in one place on AlgarNet has boosted productivity and cooperation, and represents an undeniable improvement in communications across the corporation.”Caso de éxito internacional

British Airways “With the ability to quickly solicit great ideas from our global workforce, on the ground and in the air, we are transforming our business and continuously improving customer service.”Caso de éxito internacional

Mandarin Hotels “At the same time, the cloud service will save us more than 20% in costs across the Group over five years and significantly reduce our carbon footprint." "In terms of cost reduction, we estimated we could save between $300,000 and $500,000 over five years per hotel”Caso de éxito internacional

Helly Hansem“ Helly Hansen improved communications, accelerated business processes, and transformed its travel culture, resulting in reduced travel costs by 10 to 15 percent.”Caso de éxito internacional

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